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Wrongful Death

When a victim of medical malpractice dies because of negligence on the part of a doctor or healthcare provider, it is important that the family and beneficiaries of the deceased pursue compensation for their losses.

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Death of a loved one can be difficult to deal with, especially when you know that the death was caused because of another person’s negligence and wrongdoing. In medicine, it is important that every doctor, nurse, OB-GYN, hospital staff member, and technician adhere to the highest standard of care in their practice to help ensure that their patients thrive and get better, not suffer needlessly.

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In the state of Maryland, under Maryland Courts and Judicial Proceedings Annotated Code §3-904(2005), you may be able to file a compensation claim for wrongful death. You have no more than two years from the date that the death-causing injury took place to file a lawsuit or claim, so it is important that you act quickly. Beneficiaries such as parents, spouses, and children of the deceased are allowed to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The compensation that you may be able to receive can help you finalize payments for medical care, pay for funeral services, and provide some relief from the devastation that you have suffered.

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At our firm, our Baltimore medical malpractice lawyers have been able to provide our clients with outstanding representation and compassionate service for years. We understand that this time in your life is difficult and we try to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve. Our team will take the time to speak with you and your family and assess the situation to build a strong case that will help secure a settlement or verdict for just compensation.

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