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Pharmaceutical Injury

There are many things in our world that may threaten our health and safety which we cannot control, such as the weather or a bad driver on the road. However, there are some things that have a direct effect on the health of our body which we have total control over. One such thing is the food or medication we consume.

Medication Errors and Medical Malpractice

Since consumption is a voluntary act, we are most cautious about what we let into our bodies. However, when it comes to medication, which is a science not many people are well-versed in, we tend to trust the advice and counsel of our doctors as to the safety and effectiveness of the medicine we take.

For many Americans, prescription drugs are a part of their everyday lives. Many people take a pharmaceutical drug to relieve pain and headaches, decrease swelling, and a multitude of other reasons, including for contraception. Drugs are also prescribed to people in the form of antibiotics to decrease chances of developing infections. Pharmaceutical products such as medication or devices can be very influential in a patient’s chances of recovering from an injury or overcoming an illness.

However, due to the potency and chemical strength of the elements that make up these medications, the slightest mistake in the dosage or design of the medication can cause serious injury to one or more patients who take it.

Call 410-LAW-FIRM if you are suffering or you know someone who has suffered because of a drug complication, then it is important that you work with our team. We have helped countless clients receive the compensation that they deserve after a dangerous prescription or over-the-counter drug complication.

What was the cause of your drug injury?

In the field of pharmaceuticals, injuries due to negligence can be traced back to one of two key players. The first is the pharmaceutical company responsible for the design and manufacture of the drug. While this entity is not usually accused or guilty of medical malpractice, the nature of its stature makes it susceptible to product liability claims in the event that negligence was involved in the design, manufacturing or marketing of their product.

Injuries from prescription medication are not always due to an error on the part of the company it originated from. A drug can be designed and manufactured perfectly, but if it is given to the wrong patient or prescribed in the wrong amount, it can be just as dangerous as a defective drug. Medication errors within the medical treatment field are usually due to one of a few causes.

  • Failure to record or consult a patient’s allergy history
  • Administrative failure about dosage
  • Misdiagnosis of the patient’s condition
  • A pharmacist’s failure to properly prepare the prescription
  • Failure to instruct patient on proper use of drug

Many different things can go wrong when taking a prescribed drug. If a doctor is unaware of your condition or fails to look at your medical history to help determine allergies, then you may become ill from the drug – and because of the doctor’s or pharmacist’s negligence. Other times, pharmacists do not inform a patient that mixing of certain chemicals found in the prescription can cause adverse reactions and therefore make a person more ill or cause more pain and complications than previously expected.

Class action lawsuits have been filed over multiple drugs and their effects, including Yaz birth control, which was recalled by the Food and Drug Administration, Zicam, and phenylpropanolamine. If you were injured or a loved one has suffered because of a drug complication, then you need to contact aBaltimore medical malpractice lawyer from our team right away.

If you have been injured, then you need to work with our attorneys. Our Baltimore office provides free case evaluations to all potential clients, so if you have questions or concerns regarding your situation and how our team can help, contact our Baltimore pharmaceutical injury attorney now!

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Tough Legal Representation for Pharmaceutical Injury Victims in Baltimore!

Medical malpractice claims involving pharmaceutical errors can be some of the most complicated kinds. Since it not only involves in depth analysis of medical issues but also of pharmaceutical and chemical products, the legal professionals handling the case must be well-versed on these subjects in order to be effective. Furthermore, hospital administrators and pharmaceutical companies will fight aggressively to defend themselves. All in all, a skilled Baltimore medical malpractice attorney should be retained in order to ensure that the case has the best chance of succeeding in the face of large insurance and health care corporations.

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