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OB-GYN Mistakes

An OB-GYN is trusted with the patients’ ongoing prenatal care, assistance during labor and delivery, including emergency intervention, as well as care for patients when they are not pregnant. You trust your OB-GYN to provide you with the utmost care – never to leave you or your child injured after a visit or delivery.

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During a pregnancy, a mother relies on the work of her obstetrician and gynecologist (OB-GYN) to ensure that she and her child stay healthy and safe.

Mistakes can happen at any time, and many hospitals and labor and delivery rooms are well aware of this risk. For that reason in particular, some delivery rooms do not allow cameras or recording equipment into the facility. If an obstetrician does not respond quickly to an emergency or operates in a neglectful manner, it may result in a birth injury to mother or child. Non-pregnant patients may experience hemorrhaging during a routine examination or experience an improper diagnosis of a condition that may lead to precancerous cells accumulating in the uterus or cervix.

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Were you or your child hurt due to an OB-GYN mistake?

During labor and delivery, both mother and child deserve to be treated with highest level of care and respect, from the time the mother starts early labor until the moment her child is born. Postpartum care should be provided as well. In the event that an emergency takes place, the mother should be informed of the medical procedures that she may endure. Negligent OB-GYNs may rupture a mother’s vaginal wall or cause excessive bleeding in the event of a vacuum extraction or forceps birth, and the mother should be compensated accordingly. A birth injury lawyer from the firm can assist you in making a claim.

Failure to properly diagnose or handle medical emergencies or a lack of care during routine procedures can have devastating effects on a woman’s reproductive organs and fertility. If you are a victim of a negligent OB-GYN, then it is important that you contact the team at The Law Offices of Miller Stern Lawyers, LLC today and schedule a free case evaluation.

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