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Failure to Diagnose

Thousands of cases of patients having been treated for a condition or complication that is not relevant to the suffering they sought medical attention for and may actually have increased the likelihood of the patient enduring further problems later. Almost 40% of all medical malpractice cases filed cite failure to diagnose and treat as the grounds for the claim.

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Failure to diagnose and properly treat a medical condition is one of the most common forms of medical malpractice in the United States.

Unfortunately, some of the most frequently failed diagnoses involve serious, if not life-threatening, illnesses and conditions. These conditions, left untreated for a longer period of time, will become more serious due to the delayed diagnoses and the patient’s chances for survival or recovery may be threatened. Common conditions that are involved in failure to diagnose cases involve:

  • Failed or delayed diagnosis of breast cancer
  • Failed or delayed diagnosis of heart failure/disease
  • Failed or delayed diagnosis of a stroke or heart attack
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In the past, there have also been cases of failed diagnosis due to a surgical error that occurred. Injuries sustained during surgery or medical treatment may go unnoticed by the doctors who caused them for extended periods of time before they are treated, threatening the lives of the patients.

When you seek medical attention for pain or complication, or when you seek preventive measures to keep yourself from becoming ill, you put your trust and health in the hands of a medical provider. Failure to diagnose a condition or complication can stem from lack of care or from negligence by a doctor to fully examine their patients. Improper screenings, incomplete examinations, and inadequate testing can leave a potentially serious disease or illness undetected. Cancer, strokes, and allergic reactions can all have life-threatening complications, so failure to diagnose them is incredibly serious as it can lead to wrongful death.

Was your injury or condition worsened by the failure to diagnose?

A medical malpractice case involving the failure to diagnose a patient’s condition can be difficult to prove. Unfortunately, not all cases of failed diagnosis are the result of medical malpractice. Because diagnostic medicine relies heavily upon the equipment and technology used in the process, the doctor or nurse is not always to blame for the mistake. If, however, it can be shown that the human error occurred on the part of the diagnosing doctor or nurse, a medical malpractice case may be warranted. Likewise, if it can be demonstrated that the failure was due to a defect or failure in the equipment, a different type of lawsuit may be filed against the company responsible for either manufacturing or maintaining that equipment.

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If, at a later date or from the second opinion of a different doctor, you discover that you are actually facing illness, disease, or injury, you need to contact Miller Stern Lawyers, LLC. Our team of Baltimore medical malpractice attorneys can fight for your compensation.

We understand that you suffered wrongfully at the hands of your original doctor and will help bring them to justice. Our team provides free case evaluations to all potential clients, so if you have questions or concerns regarding your situation and how our firm may help, do not hesitate to contact our Baltimore office.

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